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The Advantages of the Bose 901 Speakers

April 20, 2010

Bose 901 speakersThe Bose 901 speakers deserve to be called the flagship speakers of one of the most respected audio authority in the world. Since it came out 40 years ago, these speakers still produces the same high quality sound that has captured the heart of many music enthusiasts. In fact, through constant research, the 901 series has been further improved to generate authentic concert-like acoustics like never before.

So, what makes the Bose 901 speakers a cut above the rest?

The 901 series speakers boast of, not one, but nine full-range speaker drivers.  This allows for wide frequency response and eliminates the need for subwoofers or tweeters to cover both low and high sound frequencies. Eight (8) of these speaker drivers are arranged in two angled panels and one driver is positioned at the center of the front panel. The result is the high fidelity sound typically heard in concert halls.

The reason behind this architecture is that, Bose’s team of experts found out that 89% of the sound coming from the rear and 11% coming directly out the front of the speakers produces the lifelike sound quality you would hear from a live musical performance. This is the true advantage of the Direct Reflecting speakers and Sound Everywhere technology that Bose 901 speakers are known for.

Most of the sound bounces off the walls and flat surfaces of your space and assaults you from all directions so you don’t need to stay in one spot to enjoy superior sounding acoustics. And with Bose 901 series’ Sound Everywhere technology, it becomes an unrivalled product in reproducing stereo quality audio for most homes and even for concert venues.

Another noticeable advantage of the Bose 901 speakers over other sound systems is its Active Equalizer. The Bose 901 equalizer irons out any irregularities in the power response of the system and other low-frequency disturbances, giving you more true sound quality than other transducer systems. It also makes the perfect companion for the highly durable 901 speakers.

Bose 901 VISet-up has never been easier. The speaker system doesn’t come with many confusing components which makes installation a breeze. The owner’s manual is detailed and illustrated making it easy to understand even for the non-technical person. It also provides specific instruction on placement and mounting of the speakers, whether on walls or on the optional 901 speaker stands.

For its price, the 901 series may be considered as leaning towards the high-end side. However, a package that includes the speakers and Active Equalizer makes it a complete system, and dispenses with the need to buy any additional components to correct any sound imbalance. In the end, buying cheaper brands may result in you spending more to recreate the audio quality that only a Bose 901 speaker can generate.


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